Unlike any other poker clubs in Bangalore,we run this very elite club poker club with pure passion and help the Bangalore poker community by providing them with elite atmosphere and facilities.

Poker is gaining popularity in Bangalore as a skill based game. There is a common belief that players who win are lucky or they must depend on the art of high stake bluffing which is out rightly not true. Poker is all about math and its a game of the elite. At Card rackpoker we are passionate about bringing you the best of environment to play poker, to have great food and lots of prize to cash.

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Days of Entertainment


Cash Games

- 2.5K, 5K, 10K, & 50K Buyin

- 2.5K - 50/50 Blinds
- 5K - 50/100 Blinds
- 10K - 100/100 Blinds
- 25K - 100/200 Blinds
- 50K - 200/200 Blinds
- Cash tables will be open 365 days

Jackpot Hand

- Every three hours jackpot hand

- Jackpot winner will receive 2K* from the house.

Daily Cash Games

Daily Tournaments
- 2K Entry
- 25K Guarantee on each table
- Starting 1PM Everyday

Weekly Tournaments

Monthly Tournaments

Cash Festivals

Daily Sit & Go (Early Morning Games)

Daily Tournaments
- 2K Entry
- 25K Guarantee on each table
- Starting 1PM Everyday

Weekly Tournaments

Monthly Tournaments

Join Bengaluru's first ever
High Roller Cash Game Festival
at CardRack Poker Room !

Players are coming from all over India!

Buy-in: 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k
When: 5th-7th February
Where: CardRack Poker Room
4th Block, Jayanagar

Book your seats:

Complimentary flight & stay available.
T&C apply.


Strictly to members only. “Free Membership” – Id cards are must for registration.

Food & Beverages

Foods are free for players.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking

Available of Valet Parking.

Great Ambience

Can accommodate 100+ players at a time.

Professional Trained Dealers

18+ years of collective experience.


  • Such a great ambiance and great energy in the room.  for me this the best poker place in the city. I enjoy visiting here with my group of friends and the fun is unlimited.

  • I had never seen so much of fishes in any other club in the town than cardrack poker. Cardrack poker room has a good  mix of both the fishes and Pro's that makes the experience good. And i have to mention about the food being served. Amazing is the word.

  • Do be honest I love the instant cash out options. I dont feel any pressure from anyone to spend the winnings outright. even i can walk out with the biggest winnings. I can play safe here without any external Intervention. For me this is the most friendliest and safest atmosphere in Bangalore to play poker.

    Udith Yadav
  • I Love Playing Poker. I love it much more in card rack poker premisis. They have the best dealers and most friendly and courteous staffs around. The poker community in the space is good that we enjoy playing there. Their service is 5 star starting from valet parking to the great food they provide. Cardrack poker rocks.

    Adhi Keshavan

How to Play

Poker is the name given to a number of card games where players wager on the strength of the cards they hold. Poker is a game that involves a communal “pot” consisting of the players’ wagers, which is awarded to the player who either holds the highest ranking hand when all the cards are shown, or makes a wager which their opponents are unwilling to match Here are a couple of videos which take you through the gameplay:-

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