About Us

Unlike any other poker clubs in Bangalore,we run this very elite club poker club with pure passion and help the Bangalore poker community by providing them with elite atmosphere and facilities.

Poker is gaining popularity in Bangalore as a skill based game. There is a common belief that players who win are lucky or they must depend on the art of high stake bluffing which is out rightly not true. Poker is all about math and its a game of the elite. At Cardrack Poker Room we are passionate about bringing you the best of environment to play poker, to have great food and lots of prize to cash.

We continuously strive hard to give the best of playing experience in Bangalore by encouraging players with mega cash prizes and tournaments on daily, weekly & monthly basis. We welcome players from across the country with all levels of experience to join the community.

When the questions are still being raised that poker is skill based game or the game of luck, we are obliged to give you hands on experience on the game. We are placed in Jayanagar opened 365 days a year to give you an unlimited poker experience in the Bangalore.